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USB 4 Port Photo Iso. RS232/422/485



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Bus:      USB 2.0




■ USB 2.0 Compliant Interface

■ Supports 12 Mbps USB full-speed data rate

■ Supports  USB  suspend,  resume  and  remote          

    wakeup operations

■ Enhanced Features of each UART

■ Data rates up to 12 Mbps

■ Fractional Baud Rate Generator

■ 128 byte TX FIFO

■ 384 byte RX FIFO

■ 7, 8 or 9 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits

■ Automatic Hardware (RTS/CTS) Flow Control

■ Automatic Software (Xon/Xoff) Flow Control

■ Multidrop mode w/ Auto Half-Duplex Transceiver


■ Multidrop mode w/ Auto TX Enable






■ POWER From DC+5V/500mA External POWER

EIA RS232 to EIA RS485/RS422 isolator input and output.

Communication speeds up to 230 K bps.

Transmit distance up to 4000ft.

Allow the photo input signals to be completely floated

    and prevent the ground loops

  Heavy-duty optical couplers and a transformer

     isolatedDC-to-DC converter to provide significantly

     higher electrical isolation - 5000V DC surge (1 minute)

     5000V rms continuous.



■ Virtual COM Port drivers

■ Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Windows 7

■ Linux


Operating temperature range: -10 ~ 55C.


Relative humidity rage: 0 ~ 90%.


Size: 160 mm x 112 mm x 25 mm



Test Software & Sample Code
Device Utility Application