New Mobile Data Acquisition Control System from Decision Group
Let your Data Acquisition Control System be Ubiquitous


Since mobile computing prevails for the past few years, the types of application are also versatile in different fields of our daily lives. Data acquisition, traditionally in the domain of high-end workstation, is not out of this trend and also takes the drive on mobile platforms, such as smartphone and tablet PC. The major reason is the mature hardware design and powerful computer resources provided by new generation of mobile platform.

In order to catch up with this trend, Decision Group takes 2 years to develop the new mobile data acquisition control system for more advanced industrial automatic control applications, and helps partners to create more innovative room for customers with different demands in the market.

Decision Group prepares a video clip to introduce how this new mobile data acquisition control system works with multiple I/O interface. The URL link access is as following:

From this video clip, you may easily understand the specification and potential application of MoDAC system. If you want to know more information, please contact with We will like to provide more technical assistance and sales information to you.


Download file:

Pdf file of presentation on YouTube video Android Mobile Device_V4.pdf

App program of "decision i/o lab" for Android devices:

Please also refer to attachment for detail: DecisionIOAndroidAPP.pdf

For the deployment, please refer to below youtube:

Updated in 2015/12/07